Thursday, 14 July 2011

68. The end of the Americas

Crossing the Golden Gate bridge as we said goodbye to San Francisco

While the blog has drifted off into the deepest, darkest recesses of the blogosphere, Ellie and myself have cycled north from San Francisco through northern California, Oregon, and Washington, into Canada. Vancouver marks the end of biking in Los Americas for us, an amazing journey that I began almost two years ago in Buenos Aires and which for the past nine months I've shared with Ellie, at first mostly ahead of her in the oxygen-deficient Andes and then the gravity defying trails of the Central American highlands, but more recently I seem to be the one trying to catch up. A few hidden bricks in her panniers will soon sort that out. Our slow race will recommence in early August, when we start out from Tokyo, Japan, and meander through Asia, where I plan to start blogging with a vengeance once again. Meanwhile we're taking some time off the bikes and heading for the Canadian Rockies with family.

Our only encounter with a bear occured along a busy stretch of Highway 101 in northern California where this young bear had been killed and left at the roadside. 

For days in northern California we cycled past and camped among the giant redwoods  

Pete had just arrived back from the Himilayas when he pulled us over
and asked us to stay the night in Arcata 

The Oregon coast 

Port Orford, Oregon 

Hemant from Jaipur, India, was cycling from San Francisco to Seattle 

From our first meeting on a beach in Baja California, we spent a
wonderful three days in Waldport with Suzen and Jaime 

We had a few soggy days in northern Oregon and across the
mighty Columbia River in southern Washington 

Riding on the Olympic penninsula in Washington state 

Independence day celebrations at Camp Runamok!

Mount Rainier

We took a series of ferries from Port Angeles (USA) to Vancouver Island
(Canada) and then back to mainland British Columbia and Vancouver city. 

 Horseshoe Bay

Wheat, potash and other resources arrive from the interior to Vancouver's port by rail 

Riding into Maple Ridge, 50 km east of Vancouver city, with Mt. Baker in the background.
Our last day biking in the Americas

Vancouver, Canada
Trip distance: 48,002 kilometres

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